Dr. John J. Tracy

Class of 1976 Alumnus, Aerospace leader, retired Boeing exec

Dr. John J. Tracy, class of 1976, is the retired Senior Vice President of The Boeing Company, the world’s largest aerospace company, and has worked as a leader in aerospace for over 35 years.

“The thing that makes Dominguez Hills great is the fact that it’s a minority-serving institution in the middle of the community. The underserved area is just brimming over with potential and capability just waiting for the opportunity, and all they need is the support of those who have made it already to be the catalyst.

Students need opportunities where they design, analyze, build, operate and support an idea. This allows them to be involved in each phase of a product lifestyle. It’s the intersection of the boundaries between the STEM disciplines where the great creativity happens, and where the greatest learning for the students happens.

Students will have a vision that they can make the world better, make their lives better, and make their families’ lives better through careers in STEM.”