Dr. Kamal Hamdan

Director, Center for Innovation in STEM Education

Dr. Kamal Hamdan is the Director for the Center for Innovation in STEM Education at CSUDH, an acclaimed professor and a CSUDH alum.

“Dominguez Hills offers an excellent education that prepares students and graduate students to compete with the best of them, not only to join the workforce, but to join PhD programs. We train teachers to generate excitement, and to inspire the next generation to pursue STEM as a major and a career option.

We already have a great faculty, but the Toyota Center will give us the tools and the means to engage our students in extraordinary STEM experiences. We want to remove the barriers that exist for students in underrepresented areas. This will level the playing field so students from all areas can work together in project-based STEM disciplines.

We have amazing faculty, we have amazing staff, we have amazing students, and good work is really happening on this campus. The community needs to see that, and the new Science and Innovation Building is once and for all going to allow us to show that.”