Dr. Philip LaPolt

Dean, College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Philip LaPolt is the Dean of the College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences at CSUDH. Dr. LaPolt received his Ph.D. in Anatomy at the University of California of Los Angeles, and previously served as the Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at CSULA.

“What’s unique about the University is the transformative impact it has on our students, on the student’s family and the student’s community. We have a special opportunity to prepare future STEM leaders to be part of a diverse workforce, meeting the needs of local industry, local partners and partners throughout the state.

The Science and Innovation Building will be a state-of-the-art facility where real innovation is taking place and is impacting student lives in a positive way. The building is designed so the excitement about STEM research, STEM education and STEM training will be visible, and will literally spill out and affect the University as a whole.

Because most students have to take science, this is not just a building for STEM majors — it will serve about 2,000 students per year in the laboratories, so it truly does benefit all of our students. That’s the bottom line.”